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Finding My Way in Walking in my Purpose

Last year July, in the middle of a nation-wide pandemic, I resigned from my position after ten years as a project coordinator. For years, I knew there was no opportunity for career advancement in my role and department. After five years on my job and completing the journalism program at Georgia State University, I was over being comfortable where I was, but now, I was afraid. The ink on my degree was barely dry, I did not have much professional training in my field, and I was sure not to find another job during a global-wide pandemic. After a soul-searching weekend, I decided to resign and focus on brainstorming how to build my media platform, along with looking for another job that can potentially transform into a career.

In life, I learned not to rush the process but trust that if I take the first step and work hard, my passion for storytelling will grow and inspire communities globally.

Three months into taking baby steps in creating my brand, I was offered a job in Human Resources with another University. I was excited because this position is different from what I’ve been doing for the past ten years, and it paid more money. Now, I can assist my husband in supporting our family and invest in my passion for journalism. You know what they say, it takes money to make money… or, in my case, build dreams.

Starting my new job in the middle of a pandemic was challenging. I had to learn my new role strictly remotely. I am a visual and hands-on learner so, taking directions via email and MS Teams was very different. I’ve never worked in Human Resources before, so there was so much I had to learn. Because I wanted to excel high in my new job and make a great first impression, I had to push my journalism aside. After work, I tried to focus on my passion for storytelling and building my brand and name as a community journalist, but concentrating on becoming an HR expert was my only concern. I could not find a way to focus on both at one time. I know I did not want to give up on my love for storytelling, and I had invested too much in giving up on it. Finding a way to multi-task between work and my gift, without letting doubt, fear, and procrastination defeat me, was my mission. I was going to find a balance and give 100% to both my job and my storytelling.

Now, six months into my new role, I find my niche with prioritizing time to work on my community journalism. I am still researching new ways to market myself on social media. Still, I am dedicating time to explore new stories and publish stories told by narrators that inspire and motivate communities. Listening to stories by goal-driven narrators and sharing them on my platform gives me a refreshing feeling confirming that I am walking in my purpose. I am giving back to the community by allowing storytellers to speak freely without fear, judgment, or shame. Everyone born in this world has a story, and I believe our stories are testimonies that we MUST share!

So, as I continue to prioritize, focus and walk in the light in my purpose of storytelling, I encourage my readers to do the same. Never give up on your dreams and give 110% to everything that makes you a vessel to others. It is our God-given responsibility.

Be blessed!

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