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Procrastination and Executing Your Purpose in Life

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Procrastinate (Pro-Kras' tin at) v. To put off, defer, or postpone to a later date and time.

When reading and studying the definition of the word "Procrastinate," all I see is: "to put off" and "never finishing what you began" (if you began at all). If print dictionaries were still contemporary, there was a time I believed my face will appear right under the word, procrastination. I was a HUGE procrastinator, and it was frustrating as hell! I started addressing my imperfection through writing, which helped motivated me to not only understand my purpose in Life but how important it is to EXECUTE my plans at the same time.

I know I am not the only individual who struggled or continue to deal with procrastination issues. Scrolling through social media, I read and "like" many posts by people fighting with their hesitancies to begin or complete various projects and tasks.

When I decided to re-enroll into school and complete my undergrad, I knew the journey was going to be hard because of my lack of anticipation, which I considered my deficiency. But, this major life decision was a way to challenge me to accomplish a goal without hesitating or giving up. Once I attended that first class, I made it a daily mission to press on, work hard, and not allow that deficiency to take control of my mind. I was not only going to achieve my degree, but I was going to finish with honors. Now, don't get me wrong; finishing school is not the only time I fought through my procrastination issues. I am a wife and a mother of three, so I can't be hesitant with decisions when it pertains to my family. My procrastination comes when it is time to share my gifts and execute plans that will fulfill my Life's purpose.

Planning the goals is easy; planiting the seeds is the problem - executing, completing, and thinking of the best excuse for why I can't move forward. I will blame it on my family responsibilities, finances, and lack of resources. Establishing the goal to enroll back in school, executing that mission, and graduating with honors was my induction to a world of accomplishments, and I promised myself that I would continue to push and work hard never to waver.

When I feel myself becoming hesitate in executing a plan, I think about this theory, which helped me through my four years of school. When we were born into this world, we did not enter with an expiration date stamped to the bottom of our feet. Now, there is one thing I did learn as I got older that stands with firm truth; When born into this world, we are, one day, going to die. If you are a Christian believer, like myself, we will live eternally in the Kingdom of Heaven, but the question remains, what have I done with my gift of Life? Whom have I helped and did I serve my purpose to the best of my natural ability?

I believe my mission is to encourage and motivate through writing and story-telling. Sharing my truths and being transparent with my audience is my way of living my purpose. I am sure I am helping someone else as they try and figure out their Life's journey. Everyone who enters this world is born with a purpose and a gift. That is why it feels horrible when we hesitate to pursue our goals. We all have a job to do, and I am not speaking about your "9 to 5". Once it is all said and done, what will be your legacy?

Peace and bountiful blessings!

Dacia Davis

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